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  • A film by Ricardo Trogi
  • Featured-length - 2014

In 1987 Ricardo is 17 years old. This summer, Ricardo has a busy schedule: loose his virginity, find a way to get into bars, have a car, spend time with his friends. In order to rapidly make money, Ricardo decides to use his italian inheritance and take a shortcut in the medium of crime. But things will go wrong…


A film by Ricardo Trogi
A screenplay by Ricardo Trogi
A production by Nicole Robert
Director of photography Steve Asselin
Production Designer Patrice Vermette
Editor Yvann Thibaudeau
Costume Designer Valérie Lévesque
Sound Michel Lecoufle
Casting Catherine Didelot
National Distribution Les Films Séville
International Distribution Attraction Distribution Internationale


Ricardo Jean-Carl Boucher
Benito Claudio Colangelo
Claudette Sandrine Bisson
Boivin Laurent-Christophe de Ruelle
Dallaire Pier-Luc Funk
Caron Simon Pigeon
Marie-Josée Éléonore Lamothe
Sara Delorme Alyssa Labelle


  • Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, 2014
  • Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival, 2014
  • Vancouver International Film Festival, 2014
  • Cinemental, Winnipeg, 2014
  • Possible Worlds: Festival of Canadian and American Cinema, Sydney, 2014
  • Discovery: International Film for Young Audiences, Scotland, 2014
  • Windsor International Film Festival, 2014


Canadian Screen Awards 2015
  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Sandrine Bisson
  • Achievement in Costume Design, Valérie Lévesque
  • Achievement in Make-Up, Virginie Boudreau
Jutra 2015
  • Best Film, Nicole Robert
  • Best Actor, Jean-Carl Boucher
  • Best Supporting Actress, Sandrine Bisson
  • Best Screenplay, Ricardo Trogi
  • Best Production Designer, Patrice Vermette
  • Best Editing, Yvann Thibaudeau
  • Best Costume Designer, Valérie Lévesque
  • Best Hairstyle, Daniel Jacob


Jutra 2015
  • Best Production Designer, Patrice Vermette
  • Best Costume Designer, Valérie Lévesque
  • Best Hairstyle, Daniel Jacob