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Betty Fisher et autres histoires

  • A film by Claude Miller
  • Featured-length - 2001

Two women, worlds apart: Betty, a talented young writer, who experiences the joys of being a mother with her four-years-old son Joseph; Carole, a waitress in a downtown bar who hasn’t had it easy in life, and who, when not indifferent to her son José, is downright mean to him

There was absolutely no reason for these two worlds to meet. That is, until Margo – Betty’s long lost, very unstable mother – comes back into her daughter’s life after a long absence. Following the tragic death of Betty’s child, Margot invents a plan worthy of her madness to prove her love to her daughter.

Destiny brings these women together to experience one unpredictable, impossible situation after another, right up until the final dénouement.

«Betty Fisher and Other Stories», a psychological thriller about three emotionally tormented mothers, is, in the end, an incredible tribute to maternal love and to the triumph of the will to live.


A film by Claude Miller
A screenplay by Claude Miller
A production by Nicole Robert
Annie Miller
Yves Marmion
Based on the novel by Ruth Rendell « Un enfant pour un autre »
(Éditions Calmann Levy)
Director of photography Christophe Pollock
Production Designer Jean-Pierre Kohut Svelko
Editor Véronique Lange
Sound Claude La Haye
Raymond Vermette
Hans Peter Strobl
National Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm


Betty Fisher Sandrine Kiberlain
Margot Fisher Nicole Garcia
Carole Novacki Mathilde Seigner
François Diembele Luck Mervil
Alex Basato Edouard Baer
Edouard Stéphane Freiss
René the Canadian Yves Jacques
Dr. Jerome Castang Roschdy Zem
Madame Barsky Consuelo De Haviland
Martinaud Yves Verhoeven
Jacqueline Annie Mercier
Jose Novacki Alexis Chatrian
Child Enzo Crebessegues
Joseph Fisher Arthur Setbon
Child Réva Rothstein


  • Florence Film Festival, Italy, 2001
  • Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, 2001
  • Chicago International Film Festival, USA, 2001


Cesar, French cinema 2002
  • Best supporting actor, Edouard Baer
  • Best supporting actress, Nicole Garcia


Florence Film Festival
  • Special Jury Award
Montreal World Film Festival
  • International Critic’s Award and Best actresses Sandrine Kiberlain, Nicole Garcia and Mathilde Seigner
Chicago international Film Festival
  • Silver Hugo Award: Best actresses, Nicole Garcia and Sandrine Kiberlain