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  • A film by Patrice Sauvé
  • Featured-length - 2006

A pimp is dead.

Ron, the owner of a small escort agency, tries his best to be happy. But he discovers that his office has been broken into – and that valuable book of photos has been stolen – he wonders if it was Cheech, his archrival, who hired someone to plan and carry out this burglary.

Jenny, Ron’s most popular girl, assures him of her loyalty, but is flirting with the other clan. She makes a date with Cheech.

A depressed Olivier calls the agency after his neighbour Alexis highly recommends the agency. Ron sends him Stéphanie, who is on the verge of committing suicide.

Maxime, Ron’s new right hand, is secretly in love with Stéphanie and does everything in his power to help her and skillfully thwart Ron’s orders.

Cheech is a black comedy, a chaotic day in the life of six characters whose destinies cross unexpectedly. Their impossible quest for happiness will finish by revealing their secrets on this unusual day.

“Isn’t this a beautiful day?”


A film by Patrice Sauvé
A screenplay by François Létourneau
A production by Nicole Robert
Line producer Martine Beauchemin
Based on the theatre play by François Létourneau « Cheech »
Director of photography Yves Bélanger
Production Designer David Pelletier
Editor Michel Grou
Costume Designer Carmen Alie
Music – Original Score Normand Corbeil
Sound Mario Auclair
Pierre-Jules Audet
Stéphane Bergeron
Casting Lucie Robitaille
National Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
International Distribution Les Films Séville Pictures


Ron Patrice Robitaille
Olivier François Létourneau
Jenny Anick Lemay
Maxime Maxime Dénommée
Stéphanie Fanny Mallette
Alexis Maxim Gaudette
Gilles Luc Senay
Gaétan Normand D’Amour
Monsieur Paluchi Gilles Renaud
Pharmacienne Evelyne Brochu
Suzanne Danielle Godin
Larry Patrice Coquereau
Chanteuse orientale Ruth Chiang


  • Denver International Film Festival, USA, 2006
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Lancaster Film Festival, UK, 2007
  • Delray Beach Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Aubagne International Film Festival, France, 2007
  • Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey, 2007
  • Singapore International Film Festival, Singapore, 2007
  • Tampa Beach Film Festival, USA, 2007
  • Lima International Film Festival, Peru, 2007
  • Vladivostok International Film Festival, Russia, 2007


CSC Award 2007
  • Best photography, Yves Bélanger
Genie 2007
  • Best editing, Michel Grou
  • Best original score, Normand Corbeil
  • Best sound, Pierre-Jules Audet, Guy Francoeur, Guy Pelletier
  • Best screenplay, François Létourneau
Jutra 2007
  • Best sound, Mario Auclair, Pierre-Jules Audet, Stéphane Bergeron
  • Best photography, Yves Bélanger


Atlantic Film Festival
  • Best actor, Patrice Robitaille
Jutra 2007
  • Best supporting actress, Fanny Mallette