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Dodging the clock

  • A film by Ricardo Trogi
  • Featured-length - 2005

Man evolves slowly. This generation will probably take longer to reach full maturity.

Fred is in his early 30s and his life would be perfect, if it weren’t for his girlfriend’s desire to become a mother. He tries everything he can think of to delay fatherhood. But when his girlfriend gives him an ultimatum, the pressure causes him to lose control and opts for one of the worst possible solutions.

Paul is tormented by the thought of giving up his freedom and taking on the more responsible role of being a father. In Isabelle’s belly, there’s a little being that doesn’t suspect that his impending arrival is throwing his father into such deep anguish.

Sebastian, father of an 8-month-old baby, is happy despite the sleepless nights. His new family brings him much joy. But his friends, Fred and Paul (and their paralyzing fear of responsibility) disappoint him. His new status as a father seems to be the cause of his exclusion from the group.

Can a man have it all: freedom, paternity, wild sex, security, independence, a good marriage, the chance to party all the time and live happily ever after? These three are about to find out!


A film by Ricardo Trogi
A screenplay by Jean-Philippe Pearson
Patrice Robitaille
Ricardo Trogi
A production by Nicole Robert
Line Producer Martine Beauchemin
Director of photography Jean-François Lord
Production Designer Jean Bécotte
Editor Yvann Thibaudeau
Costume Designer Anne-Karine Gauthier
Music – Original Score Frédéric Bégin
Phil Électric
Sound Michel Lecoufle
Raymond Vermette
Stéphane Bergeron
Casting Catherine Didelot
National Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
International Distribution Les Films Séville Pictures


Fred Patrice Robitaille
Paul Pierre-François Legendre
Sébastien Jean-Philippe Pearson
Isabelle Catherine Proulx-Lemay
Justine Julie Perreault
Marie Geneviève Alarie
Richard Claude Despins
Gosselin Hugo Giroux
Lapointe Marc St-Martin
Anne Julie Deslauriers
Michaud Claude Michaud
Claudine Karen Elkin
Réceptionniste Mélanie Delisle
Blanchette Martin Laroche
Pharmacienne Dominique Quesnel
Agente de crédit Marjolaine Lemieux
Animateurs infopub Richard Jutras
Isabelle Gaumond
André Frédéric Isaya


  • Miami International Film Festival, USA, 2006
  • Kingston Film Festival, Canada, 2007
  • Port of Spain Film Festival, Trinity and Tobago, 2007
  • Bridgetown Film Festival, Barbados, 2007
  • Port of Prince Film Festival, Haiti, 2007
  • Saratov International Film Festival, Russia, 2007
  • Montevideo International Film Festival, Uruguay, 2007
  • Santiago International Film Festival, Chile, 2007
  • Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2007
  • Cinema of Quebec in Paris, France, 2007


Jutra 2006
  • Best director, Ricardo Trogi
  • Best original score, Frédéric Bégin et Phil Électric


Olivier 2006
  • Best comedy