GO Films



  • A film by Mélanie Charbonneau
  • Featured-length - 2019

There is Laurie, the girl next door, trying to become fabulous. There is Clara, the media social star living just for the “likes”. And there is Elizabeth, rising up against everything. The three friends would live the summer of every possibilities, experimenting in a chaotic way the paradoxes of all young modern woman’s life.


Director Mélanie Charbonneau
Script Geneviève Pettersen
Mélanie Charbonneau
Producer Nicole Robert
Cinematography Ariel Méthot-Bellemare
Artistic director Éric Barbeau
Editor Isabelle Malenfant
Sound Lynne Trepanier
Original music Antoine Rochette
David Rancourt
Costume designer Guillaume Laflamme
Casting Catherine Didelot
Hair Daniel Jacob
Makeup Léonie Lévesque-Robert


Laurie Noémie O’Farrell
Clara Diamond Juliette Gosselin
Élisabeth Mounia Zahzam
Antoine Alexandre Nachi
Chris Leroy Alexandre Bacon
Magalie Olivia Palacci
Tommy Mikhaïl Ahooja
Céline Hélène Major
Sébastien Adrien Bletton
Rachelle Geneviève Boivin-Roussy


  • Busan Film Festival – Flash Forward section, Korea, 2019


Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma 2020:

  • Gilles-Carle Award – Best first or second feature film 

Gala Québec Cinéma 2020:

  • Best film : Nicole Robert – Go Films
  • Best actress in a leading role : Noémie O’Farrell
  • Best actress in a supportive role : Juliette Gosselin
  • Achievement in hair : Daniel Jacob
  • Achievement in make-up: Léonie Lévesque-Robert


  • Busan Bank Award