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Face Time

  • A film by Yves Pelletier
  • Featured-length - 2010

Benoit, an actor surviving on his barman wages, follows the advice of is his brother Frank – a former hockey player turned talent agent- and grows a beard to get a part in a dinner theatre play.

Benoit’s girlfriend Vicky, an ex dramaturge who now works as a librarian, finds it difficult to accept this latest development, as it will delay the couple’s plan to purchase a condo from their friends Caro and Vincent, who manage a hair and beauty salon.

But Benoit’s beard seems to have magical powers: he suddenly has a great deal of success, while Vicky develops a mysterious allergy to her boyfriend’s facial hair.


A film by Yves Pelletier
A screenplay by Yves Pelletier
A production by Nicole Robert
Martine Beauchemin
Director of photography Pierre Jodoin
Production Designer Francis Tremblay
Editor Dominique Fortin
Costume Designer Louise Despatie
Music - Original Score Mathieu Vanasse
Jean Massicotte
Alexandre Désilets
Sound Don Cohen
François Senneville
Stéphane Bergeron
Casting Catherine Didelot
National Distribution Alliance Vivafilm
International Distribution Les Films Séville Pictures


Benoit David Savard
Vicky Isabelle Blais
Renaud Louis-José Houde
Caro Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc
Vincent Pierre-François Legendre
Frank Ricardo Trogi
Quentin David Boutin
Trottier Benoit Gouin
Psy Alexis Martin
Mélissa Bénédicte Décary
Maude Brigitte Pogonat
Gilbert Claude Laroche


  • FICFA – International Festival of Francophone Film in Acadie, 2010