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Karmina 2

  • A film by Gabriel Pelletier
  • Featured-length - 2001

In this sequel to the original «Karmina», all the vampires need to take the special potion to be human. The potion is made by Ghyslain Chabot and send to Transylvania for the others vampires. Chabot’s wife isn’t a vampire yet but wishes to become one. Ghyslain doesn’t share her desire because of all the rules and responsibilities inherent in being a vampire. As a result, Ghyslain’s wife throws him out of the house without the potion. Ghyslain try to get back in to get the potion for the others with the help of Vlad. Meanwhile, Philippe comes to Montréal because they’re running out of potion in Transylvania.


A film by Gabriel Pelletier
A screenplay by Yves Pelletier
A production by Nicole Robert
Original story by Ann Burke
Story by Yves Pelletier
Gabriel Pelletier
Associate producers Richard Speer
Gabriel Pelletier
Jacques Langlois
Line producers Elisabeth-Ann Gimber
Geoffroy S.Patenaude
Director of photography Daniel Villeneuve C.S.V.
Production Designer Michel Proulx
Editor Gaétan Huot
Costume Designer Denis Sperdouklis
Music – Original Score Gaétan Essiambre
Sound Marcel Pothier
Casting Ginette D’Amico
National Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
International Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm


Ghyslain Chabot Ghyslain Chabot
Vladimir Sanguinarz Yves Pelletier
Linda Chabot Diane Lavallée
Philippe Robert Brouillette
Julie Cazavant Sylvie Léonard
Karmina Isabelle Cyr
Proulx Julien Poulin
Ti-Pit Michel Courtemanche
Esméralda France Castel
La Baronne Sylvie Potvin
Le Baron Pierre Collin
Pétronia Macha Limonchik
Sandra Annie Dufresne
Inspecteur Michel Laperrière
Norm Louis Champagne
Psychiatre Rychard Thériault
Voisin Gary Boudreault
Nancy Marie-Chantal Perron


Génie 2002
  • Best sound design
  • Best sound
Jutra 2002
  • Best editing