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  • A film by Yves Christian Fournier
  • Featured-length - 2013

NOIR chronicles the lives of four people living in a poor neighborhood and aspiring to freedom and happiness. A neighborhood plagued by poverty, drug trafficking, violence, and gangs wars.

Kadhafi, a 26 year-old aspiring Algerian rapper and ex-member of a street gang, just got out of prison. His goal is to steer clear of troubles. Will he succeed? Fleur, a 17 year-old Haitian mother who is in an abusive and passionate relation with her daughter’s father. Suzie, 20 year-old white stripper who falls for Evans, a black gangster. Their relationship will take an unexpected turn. And finally, there is Dickens, 16 year-old Haitian who wants to be part of the street gang controlled by his older brother who denies him it’s access.

NOIR, a look at the world of street gangs. A story which is happening here and now.


A film by Yves Christian Fournier
A screenplay by Jean-Hervé Désiré
A production by Nicole Robert
Line Producer Marie-Claire Lalonde
Director of photography Jessica Lee-Gagné
Production Designer Mario Hervieux
Casting Catherine Didelot
Costume Designer Valérie Lévesque
Editor Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Sound Michel Lecoufle
National Distribution Les Films Séville


Kadhafi Salim Kechiouche
Fleur Julie Djiézion
Suzie Jade-Mariuka Robitaille
Dickens Kémy St-Éloy
Mickelson Ephraim Ndombasi
Ednor Christopher L. Massena
Bobby X Clauter Alexandre
Evans Christopher Charles
Marie-Pierre Syntiche Nsona Nkiesa
Jean-Jacques Benz Antoine
Émilio José Carlos Lafrenière
Phil Patrick Hivon
Constable Comeau Maxime Dumontier
Super Mike Jacques Kartier
Frank-Étienne Alain Bastien
Junior Goodluck Alberto Syllion
Diamond Luckson Jean
Wolf Lovhard Dorvilier
Lamartine Ralph Prosper
Karim Kevin Ranely
Bruce Lee Sidibé Adama


  • African Diaspora International Film Festival, Chicago, Washington D.C., New-York, USA 2015
  • Festival du Film Québécois en Haïti (FFQH), 15 au 20 mars 2016