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Seven Days

  • A film by Podz
  • Featured-length - 2010

Bruno Hamel is a 38-year-old surgeon who lives in Drummondville with his wife, Sylvie, and their eight-year-old daughter Jasmine. Like many happy people, Bruno leads an uneventful life until a beautiful fall afternoon, when his daughter is raped and murdered.

From then on, the world of the Hamel family collapses.

When the alleged murderer is arrested, a terrible plan forms in Bruno’s darkened mind: he plans to capture the “monster” and make him pay for his crime.

The day the suspect appears in court, Hamel – who has prepared his plan in great detail – kidnaps him and later sends the police a brief message stating that the rapist and murderer of his daughter will be tortured for seven days and then be executed. Only once this task is accomplished will Bruno give himself up.


A film by Podz
A screenplay by Patrick Senécal
A production by Nicole Robert
Line Producer Martine Beauchemin
Based on the novel by Patrick Senécal « Les 7 jours du Talion »
(Éditions Alire)
Director of photography Bernard Couture
Production Designer André Guimond
Editor Valérie Héroux
Costume Designer Brigitte Desroches
Sound Michel Lecoufle
Pierre-Jules Audet
Luc Boudrias
Casting Daniel Poisson ADCQ
Pierre Pageau
National Distribution Alliance Vivafilm
International Distribution Les Films Séville Pictures


Bruno Hamel Claude Legault
Mercure Rémy Girard
Anthony Lemaire Martin Dubreuil
Sylvie Fanny Mallette
Jasmine Rose-Marie Coallier
Boisvert Alexandre Goyette
Maryse Pleau Dominique Quesnel
Diane Masson Pascale Delhaes
Morin Pascal Contamine
Gilles Médecin Daniel Desputeau
Young rocker Maxime Bessette


  • Sundance Twentyten Film Festival, Park City, Utah
  • Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, CA, 2010
  • Cinefranco Film Festival, Toronto, 2010
  • Outaouais Film Festival, 2010
  • Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium, 2010
  • Weekend of Fear Festival, Germany, 2010
  • Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival, Switzerland, 2010
  • Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, South Korea, 2010
  • Warsaw International Film Festival, Poland, 2010
  • Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, Spain, 2010
  • Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, France, 2010
  • FICFA – International Festival of Francophone Film in Acadie, 2010
  • Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Taiwan, 2010


Genie 2011
  • Best Make-up, Marlène Rouleau, CJ Goldman
  • Best Overall Sound, Michel Lecoufle, Daniel Bisson, Luc Boudrias, Jean-Charles Desjardins
  • Best Sound Editing, Pierre-Jules Audet, Jean-François Sauvé, Michelle Cloutier, Natalie Fleurant, Nicolas Gagnon
  • Best Adapted Screenplay, Patrick Senécal
Jutra 2011
  • Best Supporting Actor, Martin Dubreuil
  • Best Photography, Bernard Couture
  • Best Sound, Michel Lecoufle, Pierre-Jules Audet, Luc Boudrias
  • Best Editing, Valérie Héroux
  • Best Make-up, Marlène Rouleau, CJ Goldman
  • Most honored and projected film outside Quebec