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Sympathie pour le diable

  • A film by Guillaume de Fontenay
  • Featured-length - 2019

1992, war is raging in what will become Ex-Yugoslavia. Paul is covering the siege of Sarajevo. Flamboyant dandy, loud mouth, adrenaline junkie, provocative cigar-smoker, Paul Marchand is the war correspondent archetype. Racing Through Sniper’s Alley in his white Ford, the Frenchman relentlessly tells the apathic western world about the ongoing massacre . In a urban war zone where everything that moves is a target, Paul tries to live, love and inform. How much can he endure before he starts taking up arms?


Director Guillaume de Fontenay
Script Guillaume Vigneault
Guillaume de Fontenay,
Jean Barbe
et la collaboration de Paul Marchand
Producers Marc Stanimirovic
Jean-Yves Robin
Nicole Robert
Pascal Bascaron
Cinematography Pierre Aïm
Artistic director Patrick Valverde
Editor Mathilde Van de Moortel
Sound Dominique Lacour
Sylvain Bellemare
Costume designer Céline Guignard Rajot
Casting Antoinette Boulat
Hair Michel Vautier
Makeup Michel Vautier
Executive producer Ludovic Naar


Paul Marchand Niels Schneider
Boba Ella Rumpf
Vincent Vincent Rottiers
Philippe Clément Métayer
Ken Arieh Worthalter
Louise Elisa Lasowski


  • Prix Bayeux Calvados, France, 2019
  • Saint-Jean de Luz International Film Festival, France, 2019
  • Festival Jean Carmet, France, 2019
  • Waterloo Historical Film Festival, Belgium, 2019
  • Mostra of Valencia, Spain, 2019
  • Arras Film Festival, France, 2019
  • Cinémania, Canada, 2019
  • L’autre cinéma, France, 2019
  • Mostra of Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2019
  • Cinessonne, France 2019


Canadian Screen Awards 2020:

  • Best adapted screenplay : Guillaume de Fontenay – Guillaume Vigneault – Jean Barbe
  • Visual effects: Oblique FX
  • Best first film – John Dunning: Guillaume de Fontenay


 Saint-Jean de Luz International Film Festival, France, 2019

  • Best film
  • Young jury award
  • Best actor – Niels Schneider
  • Audience award

Festival Jean Carmet, France, 2019

  • Audience award for best supporting actress – Ella Rumpf

Waterloo Historical Film Festival, Belgique, 2019

  • Best actor – Niels Schneider
  • Best actress – Ella Rumpf
  • Audience award
  • Young jury award

Les Rencontres Cinessonne, France, 2019

  • Audience’s “Coup de coeur” 
  • Jury La Carte’s “Coup de coeur”
  • Students Jury’s “Coup de coeur”
  • Jury La Maif’ “Coup de coeur”