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Do you remember your first travel? Not the one you made at 5 years old with your parents on the East Coast of the United-States. I mean your first travel alone!? The great adventure. In 1991, I was a 21 years old student. Everybody was leaving. Some to the West Canadian, others to U.S.A. But me, I went to Europe. Not because I wanted to visit all the great capitals, but because I wanted Marie-Eve Bernard. Marie-Eve Bernard the love of my life who wasn't aware about it yet. I followed her there to tell her. Do you know what she said?

1991 a film by Ricardo Trogi
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« Producing art films with a broad appeal »

 Founded in 2000, GO FILMS is a Montreal film production boutique that specializes in independent movies.Innovative and eclectic, GO FILMS catalogue is rich with 19 features. Among them, 7 are millionnaires on the Québec scene alone and most of them won prestigious awards on both national and international stages.

GO FILMS is also known for discovering and launching the career of many screenwriters, directors and actors.

GO FILMS recently released King Dave, opening film at Montreal Fantasia Film Festival and winner of the AUDIANCE AWARD FOR BEST CANADIAN FEATURE, and Nelly, inspired by the life and works of Nelly Arcan, written and directed by Anne Émond.

GO FILMS is producing 1991, written and directed by Ricardo Trogi. The film will be released in 2018

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