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Sur le seuil

  • A film by Éric Tessier
  • Featured-length - 2003

Local media is in a frenzy covering an inexplicable massacre that has left only questions and no answers. The same day, Thomas Roy, an internationally renowned horror novelist, attempts suicide after having cut off all of his fingers. At first, the two events appear to be unrelated. But then, Dr. Paul Lacasse, a burned out psychiatrist, is given the novelist’s case. Encouraged by his young colleague, Jeanne (a fan of Roy’s books), Paul leads the investigation of his supposedly “normal” patient’s past.

Tabloid columnist Monette’s research helps Dr. Lacasse uncover extremely disturbing information that challenges his beliefs, both personal and professional. By attempting to put together the mind-blogging fragments of his patient’s past in order to better care for him, Paul is dragged into a chain of events with terrifying consequences.


A film by Éric Tessier
A screenplay by Patrick Senécal
Éric Tessier
A production by Nicole Robert
Line producer Gabriel Pelletier
Jacques Langlois
Productrice déléguée Martine Beauchemin
Based on the novel by Patrick Senécal « Sur Le seuil »
(Éditions Alire)
Director of photography Denis-Noël Mostert
Production Designer David Pelletier
Editor Alain Baril
Costume Designer Claire Nadon
Music – Original Score Ned Bouhalassa
Sound Simon Goulet
Mathieu Beaudin
Casting Catherine Didelot
National Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
International Distribution Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm


Paul Lacasse Michel Côté
Thomas Roy Patrick Huard
Jeanne Marcoux Catherine Florent
Père Lemay Albert Millaire
Charles Monette Jean L’Italien
Patrick Michaud Jacques Lavallée
Père Boudreault Jean-Pierre Bergeron
Père Pivot Nicolas Canuel
Louis Archambault Normand D’Amour
Madame Hénault Frédérique Collin
Infirmière Nicole Annette Garant
Claudette Roy Christine Foley
Jeune Père Lemay Alexis Bélec
Inspecteur Goulet Paul Doucet
Steve Guy Boutet « Borza »
Gervaise Anne-Marie Labelle
Marc Marcoux Frédéric Gilles
Fernand Lucas Richard Fréchette
Edouard Villeneuve Martin Dubreuil
Julie Picard Geneviève Laroche
Karl Bolduc Patrick Senécal


  • Fantasia Film Festival, Canada, 2003
  • Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival, France, 2004


Jutra 2004
  • Best sound, Louis Hone